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Look After Your Feet on the Cross Country Trails

Insoles for cross country skiing are designed to add comfort for your feet and performance to the overall ski experience. Similar to jogging, cross country skiing has a repetitive motion with pressure going through your feet to the skis. Having cross country ski boot insoles provides support to the feet as the weight of the skier is spread across a larger surface area. This reduces sore spots and increases the skiers' efficiency.

Another benefit of these footbeds is that it reduces the movement of your feet inside the ski boots. As you push forwards to glide on your skis, your feet are held securely in place with a shaped area around the heels and arches. Without this form-fitting design, your feet are likely to slide back and forth as you glide forwards.

Insoles Can Be Used in Many Environments

Some of these cross country insoles have special features such as battery-powered heated footbeds. Others are made with aluminum film or merino wool for better insulation, but the majority can be used across other sports such as alpine skiing, roller skiing or running.

Wearing ski boot footbeds is a smart way to increase comfort while skiing but if your boots are too small or big in the first place, you should consider buying a proper fitting pair. Check out our collection of Cross Country Ski Boots.

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