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Kids Ice Skating Protection to Stay Safe on the Ice

Staying protected is important so that your child can have the most fun when on the ice. Along with an ice skating helmet, it’s recommended that they also wear pads so that they have the most protection. These are designed to protect the areas that people most commonly fall on when skating, namely the knees, elbows and wrists. These absorb impacts in the case of falls or crashes, thereby helping prevent any nasty bruises.

Kids ice skating protective gear often comes in a pack of three, so you can easily get all the gear in one and have a matching set. The pads that you see here are suitable for everyday recreational skating as well as figure skating. Furthermore, ice skating pads work the same way as skate pads, so if your child already has a set of these then these should work fine for the ice rink.

What Should a Child Wear Ice Skating?

Along with having the right protection, it’s important that your child is dressed correctly for the ice rink. To make sure that they have good thermal insulation, it’s worth investing in a base layer that will help keep your child warm. Other than that, a thick jacket is important as well as a hat and gloves for cold days and any outdoor rinks. 

To treat your child to a new pair of skates, then head to our Kids Ice Skates category.

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