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What Accessories Do You Need for a Surfboard?

Like with many other water sports, having good accessories for surfing can only add to your experience. In this category, you will find replacement surf parts such as surf leashes and surfboard traction pads. These are surf accessories that are often not included when buying a surfboard and are easily replaceable. Surfboard bags are additional products that are great for protecting the board. These surf bags will protect the board while in transport and the straps make carrying the board around so much easier.

Is Surfboard Wax Necessary?

Surf wax is an accessory that is crucial to have so you can stand on your board with control. Surfers apply wax to the top of the board for their feet to grip while they ride a wave. Without the wax, the surface can be very slippery. Wax can be put directly on the board from the wax block and can be freshened up or removed with a surf wax comb.

If you are surfing in some cold waters, you may consider wearing a wetsuit to extend your time in the water.

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