Venom Skate

Venom Skate is committed to producing high-quality bushings, longboard wheels, and other board parts. The special urethane formula used in Venom bushings enables you to get the stability and rebound needed to elevate your performances. Coming in a wide range of different hardness options, you can choose the right Venom skateboard or longboard bushings to match your riding style.

Aside from the bushings, the brand is known for its high-performing skateboard and longboard wheels. Some of the Venom wheels are designed for professional racing, providing excellent grip and roll speed. So if you are a high-level rider aspiring to dominate the World Cup tracks, have a look at Venom wheels.

Venom Skate comes from the USA and was established in 2007 to answer a dire need for good quality bushings. At the time, the availability of well-performing bushings especially for longboards was slight. With the success that came with the bushings, Venom Skate started to produce other high-quality parts that have become the favorites of many riders around the world.

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