Eclat Overguard Universele BMX Hub Guard

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De Overguard is een erg sterke hub voor Freestyle BMX bikes, vervaardigd in hitte behandeld Chromoly staal voor een zeer duurzaam resultaat. Het is CNC machine vervaardigd en kenmerkt een uniek ontwerp dat het passend maakt met de meeste bmx hub guards/frames/pennen in de markt.

Het gebruik van Chromoly biedt een prima mix van boterzachte slides en hoge kracht zonder dat het je een kapitaal kost. Gebruik het enkelzijdig of dubbelop - Wat je ook kiest de Overguard beschermt je.


As diameter:
Driver side:
Non-driver Side, Driver Side

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recensies   (8)

I've been running a drive-side Overguard for a few years and decided to get a NDS one to replace a plastic guard. These are solid and give great coverage. I love that they protect the droputs and the anti-roll pins are a helpful addition. A mod: I've found that I can get the anti roll pin to match up to the drillings on some chromo pegs by removing the washer, so the head of the bolt sits proud of the front of the guard. It takes some messing about, but gives a bit of extra security against peg spin on the left side. Running LHD - Tightening down the peg on the left side, I have to make sure the guard is properly positioned, otherwise it moves when tightening and can rub on the chain - not a big issue though. I have some issues hanging up on the guard during double-pegs grinds, but that's my sloppy technique. The design is great and will probably outlast me. They slide really well on all surfaces and will probably fit 99% of setups.
Sam B. (London)
Beoordeling: 5 van 5!
This guard is made from the same metal as Thor’s hammer 🔨
Char Tricks (Letchworth Garden City)
Beoordeling: 5 van 5!
Excellent product. Really easy to fit! Excellent service from skatepro.
Robert Hepburn (Grimsby)
Beoordeling: 5 van 5!
Keir Hay (Glasgow)
Beoordeling: 5 van 5!
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