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Powerslide Standard Man Zwart polsbeschermers

EUR 9,95
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Standaard polsbeschermers met pads aan de boven en onderkant.
Geventileerd mesh-materiaal en reflecterend logo voor veiligheid.
Klittenband systeem.
Logo geprint op het onderste gedeelte.

recensies   (71)
Prima in orde. Goede maat en goede snelle levering
test test (testplaats)
Beoordeling: 5 van 5!
Passen prima, wel een beetje stijf. In de zon zijn het wel zweetopwekkers. Nog niet hoeven testen hoe stevig ze zijn...
Anna O. (Tienhoven)
Beoordeling: 4 van 5!
past perfect en zit comfortabel
G. Verlaat (Tiel)
Beoordeling: 4 van 5!
Bestel het voor de 2e keer! Prima polsbeschermers
Halis A. (Rijswijk)
Beoordeling: 5 van 5!
Voldoet aan de wensen,valt klein uit de S voor dame! Past in de handschoen!
Klazien Smuling-Krooi (OLDENZAAL)
Beoordeling: 5 van 5!
Prima beschermers voor prijs
Hugo Vreugdenhil (Wageningen)
Beoordeling: 4 van 5!
Zit erg goed, alleen wat zweterig bij warme temperaturen.
Marco Hollander (Groningen)
Beoordeling: 4 van 5!
Knelt en voelt -helaas- "zweterig" aan. Ben niet echt tevreden dus.
Karel Leenhouts (KERK-AVEZAATH)
Beoordeling: 1 van 5!
Cheap, solid, does everything its meant to.
Oliver Barnett (Fareham)
Beoordeling: 4 van 5!
First ones lasted for year, second ones for a week. One good dive on a cheesegrater-like Nordic asphalt and they are done. Avoiding that you have really well-fitting wristguards that last for a reasonable amount of time. Note: After a while in daily use they start to smell like guerrilla's underwear and some need for sewing/taping might appear.
A. Laakso (Tampere)
Beoordeling: 4 van 5!
Antwoord van SkatePro:  Wrist guards are meant to protect your wrists, and if you crash or fall, they usually receive the biggest impact. Depending on the situation they may also get scratches or even get broken instead of your wrists - which is their job :) If your wrist guards start to get shabby without a reason, it is advisable to contact us, so we can also look into the case. If you don't receive any washing instructions together with the item, you can still use a mild detergent and wash them with hands. This also prevents uncomfortable odors from appearing. /Tanja
These wrist guards are made to a high standard, and offer fantastic value. They fit well, being ergonomically designed and the velcra straps do a great job of keeping them secure. The plastic palm pad feels robust and rugged and it should keep me pain free should I take a spill! They come in a nice mesh bag for storage and is compact enough to carry around easily. Highly recommended. They were a part of a larger more complex order and skate pro was amazing once again in delivering a first rate service with fast delivery. A special mention for Laura who is a real angel and who is a genuine asset to the business with her attentive and exceptional customer service. She deserves a medal!!
Simon F. (Bromley)
Beoordeling: 5 van 5!
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